Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It says, don't repent

26th March 2010(Poem).

I ask.... Can I improve?
It says.... You have to.
I.... But how?
Its completely your problem dear, there was a time you were the best.
Yes I was, but today...
Think of those days, try to grasp and boost up your potentials again.
Really, do you think so, I mean can I be the best again?
You always are. You just need to realize.
Will you help me in doing so?
I am always with you. After all I am your own instincts.
Then I will start a new life from today, full of optimism and enthusiasm.
If so, I can see you have already won half of the match.
And the rest half, I will certainly win.
Coz mistakes give experience. They threaten but seldom harm....

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